Saturday, January 5, 2013

get a fresh start for the new year!

so you made your new years resolution to lose weight, eat better, yada, yada, yada. we all know we make these statements with good intention. truth be told being a wife, mother and for those working outside the home, is a lot harder than good intentions. for one thing it's hard to eat what is good for your mind, body and soul and get your family on board too. this usually means separate meals and snacks and then your healthy meal /snack loses out to the kids(and hubby's) taste buds. let's face it how many kids just randomly choose veggies for breakfast. i have mentioned before i am blessed with kids who are pretty good with their broad taste buds and they even juice with me. this doesn't mean it isn't an uphill battle sometimes to get all four of us, hubby too, eating and enjoying the right foods for our bodies and lifestyles. 
we are a very active family my son hasn't really met a sport he doesn't like and is a year round water polo player. my daughter has been swimming and now playing polo, not to mention is part monkey/acrobat and is constantly climbing, jumping and flipping all over the place. i will do just about anything to stay active, dance, swim, walk and even dad gets a run or a swim in every now and then. it is important with active kids and adults that  we get enough protein, calcium and vitamins to keep our bodies and bones healthy, not to mention the wonderful things all these nutrients do for our minds. the best way for our body to process a lot of these fruits and veggies are in their natural state which is fresh and raw. juicing first thing in the am is the best way to absorb all of the goodness we need, but it is not always practical(time consuming) or enough to keep the kids going thru school or a 2 hour pool workout. protein and carbs usually need to fit in the mix some way to keep them going. a good way to incorporate all these things are smoothies and sneaking in those green veggies while your doing it is always a plus. 
here is a favorite at our house and your kids will never know it's good for them, because it tastes great. i call this our peanut power smoothie  it's simple and requires nothing but a blender. 
peanut power smoothie
4 servings
11/2 cup chocolate almond milk
1 large banana
2 cups of raw spinach
3 tbsps of natural peanut butter

place all ingredients in blender and enjoy.

carrots and beet juice is also great in smoothies, add them into your favorite fruit smoothie with either some almond milk or plain greek yogurt. you might need a tad bit of honey or agave if the yogurt is particularly tart, but usually the carrots and beets have enough sugar with the fruits.
so good luck in the new year and with your resolutions, hope this one little idea gets you closer to staying on track.

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