Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penguin Fun!!

Love the fact my daughter is an original in every way! What to do when the request for birthday fun is A Penguin Party!
So here is what I did...
First, come up with a fun and fabulous idea for her birthday cake and cupcakes! I chose an Igloo cake surrounded by dancing penguins.
Second, create a winter wonderland in your back yard, complete with snowflakes and lots of stuffed penguins. I used blue tableclothes and blue balloons for water and white table clothes and white balloons for ice. Place the blue ones on the ground and cover with white circle table clothes for ice burgs. Scatter blue and white balloons all over the ground. I also placed the penguins on chairs and various places. Hang or secure snowflakes all around, I used Christmas decorations.
Third, set a formal table, that is penguin style. Tables were dressed with black table clothes and silver stars. I used a black large plate with a small white one on top and then yellow cups placed in the middle. I was lucky enough to find tuxedo napkins, but use what you can find. (black, yellow or white)
Entertainment: we had craft tables: one table allowed the girls to create necklaces or bracelets with beads and penguin charms. the second table had foam stickers and stencils in the shapes of penguins, snowflakes and igloos. Construction paper, glue and crayons and the girls created their own winter wonderlands.
We played our version of Musical Chairs called Musical Penguins. The other favorite was Pass the penguin (hot potato).
Taking her original idea we turned her birthday into an old fashioned, backyard birthday. Focusing on her and fun for all. The girls had a fabulous time playing together and enjoying each others company.

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