Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to my Blog......

So here you are....on my new blog....please be patient as I am new to this whole blogging thing...
I would love to make this a place to show who I am...what I do..... things that interest me and places I want to go in my life. 
Who am I? 
 a wife, a mother, a friend and last but not least a Foodie!!!

What I do?
 I call myself a cook, a pastry girl, a friends and family like to say I'm a chef... I save that title for those who I respect as a teacher and master of the arts and those I aspire to be like one day.

Things that interest me?
You name it, books, music, dance, history, travel....
I could go on for days...As I progress more with this blog....
I hope to continue to answer these questions and maybe yours
too. I am always open to helping out, in the kitchen, your home,
your kids or even just a shoulder
to vent on!!! or cry on!!! or laugh on for that matter!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back often, to
see what I'm up too

Where I want to go?
This is a double edged question for me.....
were I want to go spiritually and daily in my to a place where I am comfortable and happy and where I can appreciate all that is good in my life.  A place where family and friends support me and I support them....with all our faults, amazing qualities and silly quirks!!
were I want to go in the physical sense... is to travel Italy and all over Europe and explore history and food...and maybe live there for a little while one day. 

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