Monday, February 23, 2009

Confessions of a crazed pastry girl!!!!

So what happens when someone asks you to come up with a Birthday cake for their 11 year old girl's birthday. The only directions are something girlie, something pink...and oh..they are going to see a movie for the party!!
First, you find out what movie:
Confessions of a Shopoholic
Second,  you grab your favorite gal pal...who just happens to be an amazing graphic designer (Thanks Kim) that's Kim Viernes of Zoom In can catch her link at the bottom of the page.
So this is what we came up with...and thanks to Kim's great model work..I was able to create everything else out of frosting...bags, clothes, signs...
A scene straight out of the movie...with a name change for the birthday girl and a street sign for her age!!

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