Monday, August 9, 2010

different ways to play with your kids!!

after a fun day of playing in our favorite places yesterday, the zoo, the pier, seaside village, our little family was a little lazy this morning. so after cuddling in bed for a bit with my three favorite things, my kids, my coffee and a food show, i asked my kids the loaded question "what should we have for breakfast?" in a duet of different tastes, i received the answers, bananas, bacon, and french toast. what could a mother do but give them everything they asked for.
with some help from my favorite sous chefs we created the J & A french toast breakfast. maple caramelized bananas, with cinnamon, nutmeg french toast and crunchy bacon crumbles. i'm beginning to think my kids my eventually put me out of business. the best thing about this meal was the fun we had making it, or should i say the mess in the kitchen. children dipping bread in an egg batter is not for the neat freaks in the kitchen, there was sugar and eggs everywhere! so here it is, our finished product!

so while parks, beaches and playgrounds are fun with the kids, your own kitchen can be a playground too. the sweet surprise is the love your kids will have for family and food. the ability to get your kids to try new things and eat healthy too. i'll tell you a secret... the bread is multi grain and the bacon is turkey and well there is nothing bad about bananas, but the kids won't care a bit. you can even substitute agave syrup for the maple, but if you are using maple, use the real stuff, not the colored corn syrup stuff, you don't need as much and the flavor is over the top. so go on and play with your kids, oh, and your food!!!

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gravy said...

wow, gourmet kids meals + sd exploration fun! i love it!